The covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world and brought it to what seems like a global standstill, and you may be asking yourself what this means for the recruitment space? Like most industries around the world that have the capacity to operate virtually, the Salesworx team is working remotely and still operating, doing what we can online to conduct business as usual and help jobseekers wherever we can! This is why you shouldn’t neglect your job search, and this is how you can stay on top of it


For a change we have the power of time on our side! Use it to organise everything the recruitment process requires of you. This means improving your CV and updating it with relevant information, or even researching how to make your CV more competitive, as it differs from industry to industry.

It is no secret that organisation is a key factor to being professional, this shows particularly when you have all the documents you need, on hand and in order, ready to send through to your recruitment consultant or future employer. This includes copy of your ID, Drivers license, Copy of your latest payslips etc.

Keep actively searching

Although it feels as if the world has come to a halt, keep actively searching online for job vacancies, even if this means looking into contract work, this will ensure that you are keeping up to date with the latest job market trends and ensuring that you don’t miss an opportunity based on assumption!.

Stay in contact with your recruitment consultant

While actively searching for work make sure that you stay in contact with your recruitment consultant in order to stay updated on what jobs are available, our consultants are ready and available to assist you through your job search.

Be ready!

Due to the virus the entire recruitment process will be carried out online, make sure you are readily available for over the phone interviews and video-call interviews. These can be quite an adjustment from what you are used to.