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Efficiency. Communication. Honesty.

Salesworx want to partner with outstanding professional salespeople from entry to executive level who are equipped to accelerate our clients’ organisational goals.

Salesworx will endeavour to make you FEEL VALUED –  we understand that YOU WANT TO FEEL EQUAL IN THE PROCESS and not a commodity offered out to clients without prior knowledge and full consent (see our privacy policy and POPIA policy).

Communication & honesty

We know you’ll want REGULAR UPDATES and want to be KEPT IN THE LOOP, with a phone call or email when the employer goes quiet. Of course, FEEDBACK ON INTERVIEW PERFORMANCE is also essential. Honestly, we try!

To help us reach our ‘Report-Back’ and ‘Update’ goals we’ve made huge changes in our applicant tracking software. We are now using software which ‘Forbes’ voted to be the #1 worldwide applicant tracking system for 2022.

Salesworx understands that you want to be CONSULTED WITH, and that you want HONESTY! You’ll also want to share your current frustrations with us in confidence, along with your career plans and goals. We are here to consult with you, giving you the latest hiring trends, and guide you in your future expectations versus your current reality. We’ll be brutally honest! We expect candidates to be honest with us!

Added value

You’ll want added value from our Recruitment Consultants. We will help you with in-depth market knowledge and recent best thinking on interview preparation. We will take you through ‘Role-Play’ scenarios and share insights on the interviewer We will strive to give you a competitive edge over other candidates.


Candidates will feel much more comfortable when they understand the client’s recruitment process from start to finish and the timescales involved. If things are taking longer than they should be, then you’ll want to know why.

The RECRUITMENT PROCESS can be long, and means focused engagement and full commitment, for both job seeker and recruiter to form a committed partnership.  We want to use this time submitting you for roles you with smash!

Honestly if you are not suitable for a role, we will tell you the truth as hard as it is to hear.  We will not put you forward for something you won’t get!

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