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Salesworx Core Package



Vacancy advertised on Salesworx Website Job Board

Duration: 30 days

Job advertised on PNET

Job advertised on LinkedIn*

Job advertised on 15 other career portals

Email alerts to Industry Relevant Candidates

Receive applicants directly to your inbox

Google AdWords Campaign

* Not a sponsored LINKEDIN advert.

Candidate sourcing for small companies.

Salesworx ‘Online Candidate Sourcing’ can add tremendous value to small businesses looking for great talent that matches their hiring budget.

  • Build your custom recruitment package by clicking additional add-ons to suit your needs and your budget.
  • On payment you will receive confirmation of receipt.
  • Once purchased you will be allocated a recruitment consultant who will manage your Job vacancy and drive click through applications
  • Your advert will be live on our Career Site & Linkedin* immediately and should be live on all social media platforms within 24hours or sooner.
  • A recruitment consultant will be in touch to confirm that the process is under way.

Our solutions bridge the gap.

Salesworx aim to ‘Bridge the GAP’! We’ll post an ad that goes out to the Salesworx Website, PNET, LINKEDIN as well as 15 other career sites. We’ll feed through all applications as they come in.

This is a great solution for companies who cannot afford to pay standard recruitment fees who want to source great candidates for any role whether it be sales, bookkeeping, or supply chain etc.

Hiring is a difficult process. Hire the best talent available even when money is tight.

Salesworx have a rich database of talent across multiple disciplines, built up over 14 years.

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Client Portal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Our Client Portal offers you complete control of your applicants with the ability to move them through the hiring process seamlessly.   This means you can add notes, share resumes and files with interviewers and decision makers, as well as schedule calls and interviews.  The Client Portal allows you to self-manage every stage of the recruiting process including rejecting and shortlisting as well as hiring!

Apply AI protocols for Perfect Match – We have an established database of sales talent built-up over a decade which currently includes 72,000 individuals.  We use powerful AI matching protocols to search our database for ‘Perfect Match Talent’.  Once identified we send out Vacancy Alerts encouraging candidates to click through and apply.


Salesworx actively search for suitable candidates and send email and whatsapp alerts to encourage click through applications.  This is driven by human intervention in which a recruiter will specifically match industry, salary and sales experience to a selected group of candidates who we know are in the market.