It is crucial to make sure that your CV is professional, impressionable, and accurately portrays you as the right candidate for the positions that you are applying for. In most cases it is the first impression for either the employer or recruitment consultant which can greatly impact the likelihood of being considered for the position.


Your CV should include information that is relevant to your current situation. Avoid using old contact numbers, old addresses and information that is not applicable. Irrelevant information either wastes their time or clouds the information they’re looking for. First impressions are everything.

Occupational history

Your employment history should be relevant to the position you’re applying for. It is Vital to flesh-out your current role, industry vertical and the actual products that you sell.  Tell us what your target market is, typically who do you call on to sell your products. 90% of the CV’s we receive don’t give us any clue as to what you ‘really’ do.  Boast about your achievements; we specialise in sales and we need to know how successful you are and have been.


Chronology throughout your CV is vital as it allows whoever is reading your CV to access the most important information first, this ensures the initial impression of your CV will make an impact. Current information first!

Salary information

Be realistic! Your salary expectation has to be, within reason, relative to what you are currently earning and relative to the next step in your career.

Be professional

Make sure all of your information is presented professionally. Avoid using creative email addresses such as “”, avoid using pictures, avoid using unprofessional fonts, and avoid using color font.